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Heavy Duty Level Head




For Model 10 Dolly

For Model 11 Dolly

     Upgrade your camera Dolly experience with the all-new HLT - Heavy Duty Level Head from J.L. Fisher Inc. Engineered with precision and built to withstand the rigors of professional filmmaking, the HLT offers unparalleled stability and performance for your camera movements.


The HLT is a redesigned, beefier construction that ensures maximum strength and durability, capable of handling heavy camera rigs with ease. Our redesign minimizes sagging when using offset configurations, providing you with greater flexibility and confidence in your shooting setups. 


Our heavy duty level head has been engineered to integrate with camera sliders, offering enhanced performance and versatility for dynamic shots. 


By incorporating longer supporting gussets and a larger support basket, the HLT decreases movement resonance quicker than ever before. This translates to a more stabilized image capture, ensuring your footage is free from unwanted vibrations.

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