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Our History

Founder of J.L. Fisher Inc., a renowned manufacturer and rental service for motion picture and television equipment, James L. Fisher began his illustrious career in 1938 at MGM Laboratories. His visionary journey in shaping the industry started at Republic Studios in 1946, where he recognized the necessity for superior microphone booms, sparking his initiative to elevate their quality from his very own garage.

In 1951, Fisher's ingenuity gave birth to the 16-foot Model 2 Microphone Boom and the Model 3 base, revolutionizing motion picture work with their lighter weight and enhanced functionality. Continuing his innovative streak, the late '50s witnessed the development of the Model 7 Microphone Boom and 6 Base, catering specifically to the television industry.

Venturing into camera dolly design and production in the early 1960s, Fisher introduced the Model 8 Camera Dolly, soon followed by the Model 9, which became a staple in multi-camera film sitcoms.  


The groundbreaking Model 10 emerged in 1973, crafted meticulously from top-tier materials and components to meet the rigorous demands of the motion picture industry. Pioneering round steering, the Model 10 swiftly established itself as the industry standard.  

In 1995, Fisher's creation of the compact yet versatile Model 11 Camera Dolly continued to exemplify excellence with its three-way steering and lighter weight, providing operators comparable features to the 10 dolly but with increased mobility.

Throughout the years, James L. Fisher and his son Jim Fisher received esteemed industry recognitions, including the 1990 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Science and Engineering Award for the Model 10 Dolly, the 1991 Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement and Engineering for Booms and Base, the 1994 Society of Operating Cameraman Technical Achievement Award, the 2004 International Cinematographers Guild Outstanding & Devoted Service Award and the 2019 American Society of Cinematographers Legacy Patron Award.

James L. Fisher's legacy spans from March 31, 1918, to July 1, 2005, leaving an indelible mark on the motion picture and television equipment industry.

Mr.-Fisher-with first boom
JL Fisher Model 8 Dolly

Model 8 Camera Dolly

JL Fisher AMPAS Tech award
J.L. Fisher Awards

Today, his legacy continues with his son Jim Fisher, an innovator in his own right who introduced the Jib 23 camera jib arm. Now at the helm of the company, Jim perpetuates the family tradition by infusing the product line with operational advancements and heightened functionality. Upholding his father's business ethos, he remains committed to the motion picture industry, persistently enhancing, servicing, and maintaining equipment to the highest standards.


Jim Fisher stays true to the companies foundational values, ensuring that J.L. Fisher Inc. provides the worldwide film and television industry with dependable, top-tier equipment tailored to meet their distinct needs. This dedication keeps the legacy alive, delivering reliable tools essential for global cinematic and televised storytelling.

Mr. Fisher receiving SOC award
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