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Introducing the Improved Track Guide Wheel System


     The redesigned Track Guide System for the J.L. Fisher Dolly offers several advantages over the previous design to address the shortcomings of the original version. Say goodbye to the hassles of setting up a Dolly on straight tracks, this new system ensures a smooth and seamless Dolly movement. Engineered for use with straight track, the redesigned Track Guide System has better alignment and balance, ensuring the Dolly remains stable and on the track.


Effortless Mounting and Pushing:

The enhanced Track Guide System is engineered for improved rolling, resulting in a remarkable reduction in friction. The J.L. Fisher Dolly is now much easier to mount on track with a substantial reduction of effort to push, providing you with a hassle-free filming experience. 


Quieter Operation:

We understand the importance of capturing high-quality audio during your shoots. Our J.L. Fisher Dolly has been re-engineered to operate with minimal noise. These new wheels ensure that your audio remains clear and undisturbed without the need for any additional spray lubricant or talcum, increasing safety and reducing clean up.


Versatility and Limitations: 

The J.L. Fisher Dolly Track Guide Wheels are designed specifically for use with straight round Dolly tracks, delivering smooth and precise camera movements. For your convenience and safety, please note that Track Guide Wheels are not intended for use with curved Dolly tracks. When operating our Dolly on curved track we recommend the use of our skateboard wheels for the best results. 


Take your production to the next level with the J.L. Fisher Dolly equipped with our improved Track Guide Wheel System. Embrace smooth,

noise-free, and precise camera movements on straight tracks.

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